Our Company’s History and Biography

GT Maintenance Solutions, LLC was started by a woman who wanted to own her own business but initially did not have money to start one. She then decided to start a service company with a low budget.

It was the founder’s love for cleaning and getting each job done that inspired her to start her own janitorial company. Through the support of her husband and two sons, her dream became a true family business that thrives on hard work and quality service.

A few years after establishing the business, a big snowstorm hit the area, which left the founder worried about how to clear the snow by herself. On the morning she was about to shovel off the snow, her husband and two grown sons came to her rescue with snowblowers, extra shovels, and salt.

This gesture made a lasting impact on the founder as they established GT Maintenance Solutions as a family-operated business. She now happily runs the company with her family and the rest of their crew.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to put a smile on your face when you come home. It is the idea of having the pleasure of coming home to a cleaner space that drives us to strive for excellent client service.

Assisting You With Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

The GT Maintenance Solutions, LLC team is always glad to assist clients as a full-service commercial cleaning and maintenance company. Whether you need the interiors and exteriors of your building or the outside of your townhome cleaned, our crew of professionals has you covered. This janitorial business also tends to all types of parking areas. Our team takes great pride in their work so that you can take pride in your property.

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